Mylor Yacht Harbour

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Mylor Yacht Harbour is one of Cornwall’s premier sailing destinations

With a centre of excellence for the care and restoration of yachts and motor boats, a full service boat yard, a large marina and luxury harbourside holiday lets, Mylor Yacht Harbour has everything locals and holiday-makers need to make the most of their time on and beside the water.

However, the comprehensive range of services that Mylor offers had lead to their website being clunky and difficult to navigate. This meant it was difficult for users to access information, and hard for Mylor to effectively cross sell and upsell their products and services.

Our Solution

It was important to create a modern website with clean features throughout in order to showcase the many wonderful assets of Mylor Yacht Harbour.

  • New responsive website with a contemporary look throughout using the existing brand colours.
  • Easy-to-use navigation, highlighting their extensive range of services.
  • Using beautiful images, the Marina and its facilities are well presented.
  • Improved booking experience for Harbourside Holidays.
  • In addition, Fastnet have been working alongside Mylor to improve their overall marketing, including the introduction of ‘Mylor Life’ magazine, which is to be published quarterly.


  • Improved web traffic to the site, offering more opportunities for users to visit the Marina, Boatyard, Marine Services and Harbourside Holidays pages.
  • We provide consistent support with maintaining the website for Mylor Yacht Harbour
  • Clearer navigation throughout the site
  • Delivers a more engaging user experience
  • Request a quote / ‘call back’ system was introduced to the site as a new feature