Falmouth Classics

A prestigious three day sailing event

Now the largest Classic Boating event in the UK

The Falmouth Classics event has gone through a lot of changes since the first small regatta was held in 1987.

The team of volunteers that organise The Classics each year turned to Fastnet Marketing for a range of specialist support services to help the event continue to grow. We created a bespoke package designed to build the brand, increase participants and boost merchandise sales.

With thanks to Perception Drones for the video footage.

Our Solution


After a thorough planning process, Fastnet worked with the organising committee to implement a new brand and identity for Falmouth Classics, before going on to improve their website, event entry system and their printed materials, as well as helping the event to raise additional sponsorship.

  • A complete branding review to ensure the new website and all printed materials would deliver a cohesive, eye-catching message.
  • Engaging, responsive web design and build, featuring clear navigation, stunning imagery and an updated entry process that works seamlessly on all user devices.
  • A clear fundraising strategy to secure funding and other benefits for the participants and local area to ensure continued growth of the event.
  • Production and printing of brochures, posters and event programmes. Also working closely with local and national media on press releases and event features.
  • Complete management of social media platforms to maximise engagement and communication with participants and members of the public.


  • Significantly increased the number of entrants in the two years we have been supporting the event.
  • Raised over £30,000 in sponsorship and advertising to date.
  • Improved levels of website traffic, user engagement and online merchandise sales.
  • Created a united brand across printed media, the website and social media, helping to build the Falmouth Classics brand and raise the profile and reputation of the event across the industry. The regatta is now the largest classic boat event in the South West.

“Fastnet Marketing have made a big contribution to the overall success of this event, which continues to grow year-on-year”


Don Garman, Vice Chairman