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WaveWalker BV

Creators of The World's First Walking Jack Up Barge

Branding Content Mobile Print Strategy Web Design

WaveWalker BV

WaveWalker BV is a joint venture company between Fugro and Van Oord. It was established with the shared ambition to design, build and operate WaveWalker 1, the first walking jack-up barge specifically designed to offer a safe, secure solution for marine operations typically affected by extreme locations, tides and weather.


WaveWalker BV already had an existing logo and colour scheme, which they wished to keep. However, a complete marketing strategy was needed for WaveWalker 1 to promote the platform around the world, which is when the team approached Fastnet Marketing.

  • Date

    June 30, 2018

  • Skills

    Strategy, Branding, Website Design, Website Development, Content, Print

  • Client

    WaveWalker BV

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The Problem

  • No existing website to support marketing campaigns and raise awareness

  • Under-developed branding

  • Unclear on future marketing direction and strategy to achieve goals

The Solution

  • Developed the existing branding by adding an emblem, as well as creating a wider colour scheme mixing up the brand colours of blue, red and dark grey with both a white and contrasting background colours.

  • Designed, built and created content for a new, responsive website with clean lines and a contemporary look throughout using the new brand colours.

  • Using engaging graphics, video footage and images of WaveWalker 1 to clearly demonstrate its unique abilities in a wide range of industries.

  • Work closely with the WaveWalker BV on an ongoing basis to create a marketing strategy for the future. This includes social media support and ongoing content generation, in addition to the design and creation of marketing materials.

The Results

  • Company brand book created to ensure consistent use of branding on the website and all printed materials including logo dimensions, how it can be used and typography. This ensures a robust, cohesive brand is communicated to clients, building trust and helping them stand out from the competition.

  • An engaging, informative new brochure website created to educate and inform the user, encourage enquiries, and improve organic search engine rankings.

  • Ongoing marketing efforts are successfully raising the profile of WaveWalker BV across the industry, including growing follower levels on social media and the booking of projects months in advance.