4. Content

noun: content marketing; a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services

Traditional marketing is a way to talk to your potential customers. Content Marketing enables you to talk with them.

When your potential customers are getting ready to buy, you want to ensure that you are not just another choice in the market place. The trick is to become the choice.

Most people now turn to the internet for advice if they are looking to make a purchase or commission a service. Videos, social media posts, online articles and podcasts are used by buyers to gain impartial, accurate information, and often a consumer’s mind is already made up when they make that first enquiry.

Therefore, if your customers are actively looking for information about your product or service, make sure you’re the one doing the talking. By offering impartial advice and guidance, you can both create goodwill and highlight the advantages of your offering. You become the expert.

Unlike traditional marketing, content takes long-term commitment and a true knowledge of both your subject and your audience. But, with time, you will see sustained, long-term results.

Fastnet’s marine industry experts can create a range of high-level content that talks directly to your market. With an in-house team that can cover social media, copywriting, video, illustration, custom animation and photography, you can be sure to keep your content cutting edge and interesting, without dedicating valuable time.

To make this service as simple as possible for our clients, we’ve developed an innovative points-based system which allows you to pick and choose your content every month for a simple fixed fee.

Let us show you how content marketing can work wonders for your business – contact us on 01326 250879 0r email thecrew@fastnetmarketing.co.uk