1. Strategy

noun. a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

Our strategy days help you to gain clarity and plan for the future.

The sessions are unique, and have been carefully refined over the years to ensure you get the most out of your time.

Strategy Days are generally held at Fastnet HQ, as we find that a neutral location away from your business and distractions really helps you to focus and get the most out of the day. The schedule consists of a one-to-one session between the key decision makers in your business or organisation and Sarah Leverton, Fastnet Marketing’s Managing Director.

First, you are sent a list of questions, which need to be answered prior to the meeting. Sarah reviews your answers carefully, and uses your responses to tailor the day to your needs.

We normally start at 10am, and you’re provided with a Strategy Workbook which is completed over the course of the day and is yours to keep at the end of the session.

A working lunch is held in the office (supplied by our lovely neighbours at Muddy Beach), so that we can keep the momentum going. Depending on your requirements, the Strategy Day normally finishes at around 3pm.


During the session, we cover:

  • Business clarity – where are you now?
  • Profiling – who is your target customer / client?
  • Positioning – how are you going to reach them?
  • Moving forwards – developing a comprehensive plan and associated actions.


Within 72 hours of your Strategy Day, you will be sent a comprehensive report, covering the topics raised, outcomes and agreed actions arising from the meeting.

Strategy Days can be booked as a one-off service, but more often they are booked as part of other ongoing projects with Fastnet Marketing. The advantage of completing a Strategy Day before launching into a new website or branding project is two-fold; you can be sure that your investment is going to fit with your long-term future plans, and we gain a deep understanding of what those plans are before starting work.

For this reason, we also suggest 6 monthly Strategy Days as part of our ongoing Content Creation service.

Find out how a bespoke Strategy Day could help you find direction and clarity for your business – call us on 01326 250879 0r email thecrew@fastnetmarketing.co.uk