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Share Your Message Quickly & Effectively


Your website needs to deliver an excellent user experience to all your visitors, in order to build your brand, drive sales and create loyalty and trust amongst your audience.

Communicating in a variety of ways is essential to achieve this. So beyond the words on each page, video that shows rather than tells is incredibly effective.

And once your videos are produced, you’ve got some brilliant content to support your marketing strategy, from sharing on social media to embeding into emails and beyond.

Our team can help you at every stage. Get in touch or scroll down to find out more about video storyboarding, drone videos, live streaming and more!

Planning & Storyboarding

Want to create video content for your business, but don’t know where to start? Let us take the lead.

We’ll work with you to create a detailed storyboard that communicates all your key messages, and delivers clear guidance for the film crew.

When it comes to the planning, we’ll take care of all the preparation, so when we’re on location on the day you can relax and concentrate on getting the best results on camera.

We’ll then produce the final video (or multiple cuts) to share across your website and social media platforms.

Filming Ashore & Afloat

As marine specialists, it’s not unusual to find members of the team out on the water.

When it comes to filming videos for social media, or as video content for your website, we’re equally at home afloat as we are on land.

Whether we’re sending up drones to film harbours from above, racing along beside charter yachts capturing all the action or going behind the scenes at a workshop, we’ll be ready to capture everything laid out on the storyboard.

Drone Videos

Drone filming has changed the game. From blockbuster films to high-budget tv series, drone footage is now commonplace when it comes to setting a scene or capturing all the action.

Our film crew use leading technology to get the most incredible shots, meaning that your website can deliver an outstanding user experience.

From location video tours with a birds-eye view, to large vessels or racing event photography, the options really are endless.

Video Graphics & Animation

Give your video a professional finishing touch with custom graphics and animations.

Whether you’re sharing the content on social media, or including it on your website, it’s essential to ensure your brand is recognisable at all times.

We can create video opening graphics, animations throughout, and the all important closing with your contact details & URL. If your video is shared, you can have complete confidence that everyone it reaches will know who you are and how to find out more.

360 Degree Video For Virtual Reality

If you’re had the chance to experience Virtual Reality (VR), no doubt it made a considerable impression and has stayed in your mind.

VR technology is not just available to those with huge budgets – we’ve created 360° VR video for our clients that fit their budgets while still delivering incredible results.

With 360° image capabilities on most social media platforms, potential customers don’t even need specialist equipment to get involved.

Stand out from the competition with the ultimate user experience. Get in touch with the team to discuss the possibilites.

Live Streaming For Facebook & Instagram

Have you gone live? Instantly connect with your audience, and share live updates about an event, with live streaming on Facebook and Instagram.

We work with you to give you the live streaming help you need – whether you would like us to take control, or if you’re looking for some advice, training and support.

Give live product demonstrations, answer FAQs, live stream an event or a chat with a satisfied customer… let’s talk about live streaming to build your audience, boost loyalty and drive conversions.