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Create beautiful marketing assets to boost your brand


There’s so much more to your brand than just your logo. A successful brand is one that provokes a positive emotional reaction at the mere mention of its name.

Clear, consistent messaging across all platforms and mediums helps to build this essential trust, confidence and reputation in the mind of your potential customer.

We’ve got excellent production facilities, and a friendly, experienced team on hand, ready to create fresh, high-quality marketing materials and assets.

Informative video, bespoke animation, intelligent boatshow stand design… the list goes on – why not get in touch to discuss your ideas?

Graphic Design & Print

It’s difficult to overstate the difference a professional designer can make.

When a business invests in graphic design services for their digital or print promotions, they instantly elevate their position and stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at some of our recent success stories to see what our design team have created, or give us a call to discuss your project.

Animation & Illustration

In an increasingly faceless world of interactions, we’re all looking for simple human connections and a personal touch.

By incorporating a charming illustration or a clever animation as part of your marketing, you can instantly reach out and communicate with your audience.

You can probably tell, we’re big fans! So why not get in touch to discuss how our animation and illustration services could work for your business?

Video Production

Humans are curious. We like to see what’s going on and watch any action unfold.

That’s why video has become an incredibly popular element of digital marketing. With the Fastnet Video Suite, your business can take advantage of the latest technology, and communicate your message to the world.

Let us show you how adding videos to your marketing assets is a fantastic way to boost engagement and drive conversions.

Audio Production

Storytelling has always been an essential element of communication, and the spoken word is an incredibly powerful tool in marketing.

From video voiceovers to regular podcasts, our brains respond to and connect with a story, with recall up 20% over facts alone.

Make sure your message is in the ears of your audience, with support from our Audio Production support. Got an idea? We’d love to hear it.

Boat & Trade Show Stand Design

The show stand – you know it’s got to be powerful, but where do you start?

In those precious seconds when people walk past, it’s got to instantly catch their eye and encourage them to stop by.

If you’re looking for tradeshow and boatshow stand design and production, take a look at what we can do.