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The Right Branding Speaks Volumes


Many people think branding is just about a quick logo and some colours.

But branding is actually a process, which should be totally in tune with your wider marketing goals.

Who are you targeting and why? What brands do your target market already engage with? How can this help to build a brand that inspires trust and confidence?

We’ll guide you step by step, developing a brand strategy which encompasses a look, feel and tone of voice which perfectly compliments this wider perception of your business.

Our aim is not only to deliver great results, but to make this an enjoyable and insightful experience that gets you excited about the next stage in your business’ journey.

Take a look through the branding process below, or get in touch with the team to find out more.

Target Customer Profiling

One of the most important exercises you can do in the development of your brand and your wider marketing strategy is customer profiling.

When you know who will buy your product or service you can talk directly to that customer. You’ll understand what they are hoping to achieve and what a negative outcome would look like to them.

This enables you to position your brand to directly address both their hopes and fears – and it is this underlying thought process that will put you ahead of your competition.

We work with you to establish your key customer profiles, and develop a brand brief that ticks all of the right boxes.

Creating Your Brand

Your brand brief is then handed to our design team, who will use this as a basis for your marketing assets.

They will produce 3 initial designs that fit this brief, which will be provided to you electronically. The review process is quick, easy and effective, allowing you to give clear and concise feedback directly on the designs.

Following your first review, our designers will work to refine your branding according to your feedback, sending the updated versions back to you for your second review.

Your final designs are your chosen concept displayed in several different ways, with mock ups to show how your brand would look in context, for flexibility of use.

Creating Your Tone Of Voice

What you say, and how you say it, matters.  It’s the fundamental difference between engaging and alienating your target customer.

Following on from our Customer Profiling session, we will help you to develop a tone of voice that talks directly to your audience.

Is your brand tone formal or informal, serious or fun, polished or chatty? We let your target customer determine this, and we then form a comprehensive Tone of Voice document that both you and your team can refer to when it comes to writing content for your business.

Your Brand Guidelines & Assets

Once we’ve agreed on your new brand, it’s important to ensure everyone involved in your business is onboard.

We create clear branding guidelines for you, which will outline how your new branding should be used. Make sure you share these with your team, and also with any 3rd party companies that are working with your brand.

You’ll get all the necessary files you need for all your future marketing, for both web and print and in a variety of sizes, making it super easy to implement your new branding.