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Joined-up marketing = consistent leads


Our Lead Generation Service uses the principles of Inbound Marketing to substantially scale the number of new customer enquiries.

The fundamental principles are very simple. It’s all about attracting new customers by identifying the problems they are trying to solve.

You can then educate them, nurture them and, ultimately, turn them into new customers for your business.

But how do you put the right systems in place to consistently track, monitor and take care of these potential customers? We guarantee that this is something your competitors are struggling with.

This is why inbound marketing presents such a fantastic opportunity to leapfrog the competition and make your business the customer’s obvious choice.

If you’re ready to know more, we’ve got a breakdown below… or you’re welcome to get in touch with the Fastnet crew.

Our Four-Step marketing methodology

We focus on the sales process, building trust and authority to make your business the obvious choice for your customers


First, attract visitors to your website. This could be through blog content, social content, videos, infographics, podcasts and digital advertising.

Initially paid advertising will be a key source of traffic, however the aim is to reduce this over time in favour of organic (unpaid) visitors.

Once on your website, we ensure engaging, informative content is easily accessible, and that there are key content components built into the site that will build trust in your brand.


Next, we look to convert those visitors into leads.  This may be through encouraging them to fill out an online form, pick up the phone or engage with a free offer.

Your site vistors might not do this on the first visit to your site – in this case we can ‘retarget’ them through clever social media and Google advertising.

This allows us to provide further information on the products or services they’ve already engaged with on your website, nurturing them until they are ready to engage.


Once we’ve established a lead, we help you to close the sale. Our technology can track your potential customers around the internet, giving you real insight into what they’re engaging with and how interested they actually are in closing the deal.

Has your prospect visited your site continuously? The best use of your time might be to pick up the phone and make the deal.

Has the lead gone cold? Let’s automatically enter them into an email campaign that educates and informs them about the next steps and the positive outcome of committing to your product or service.


Every customer takes time and money to acquire, so once they’re onboard with your brand we want to delight them, so they buy again and again, and encourage others to buy from you.

We help you to automatically keep in touch and build the relationship, making your customer feel valued and increasing your brand exposure. We can also target those ‘brand fans’ that are raving about your product or service, and encourage them to provide a testimonial about your services, which can have a fantastic impact on new customer numbers.

This is what we call a ‘sales pipeline’, and our aim is to keep this pipeline topped up at each stage of the process.

Why Fastnet?

We get it. Investing in a whole new approach to marketing can be a bit scary, but that’s where our proven marketing expertise and marine industry knowledge comes in.

It means that when we’re working together, our team have an advantage from the very start. Chances are we’ve worked with business’ similar to yours, which gives us a unique viewpoint and understanding (but don’t worry, we would never work with two clients that are in direct competition).

We can establish where you are at the moment, where you want to go, how long you it will take to get there and what the key milestones are along the way.

This forms the bones of a clear inbound marketing strategy, which our team will work to on a daily and weekly basis.  We constantly review how your results are comparing to the goals you set, and use an agile approach to adjust and adapt your strategy as required.

Think of us as the most cost-effective marketing department you could ever have!