We all know that the marine industry is unique. It has its own complex terminology, and the technical aspects of getting on, in or under the water can take years to fully master.

That’s why it makes sense to use an agency that already understands you, your business and your customers.

When we’re not at our desks working on marketing campaigns for our clients, our team is out making the most of Cornwall’s beautiful coastline. We’re mishmash of qualified sailing instructors, Master Mariners, yachtmasters, windsurfers, surfers, rowers and divers. We’re even known to do a spot of fishing at the weekend.

Whilst this sounds idyllic, it’s a really important aspect of our business model. By immersing ourselves in all things marine we’ve come to know and understand not just the technical aspects of the industry, but also your target customers. We understand their needs and speak their language. 

That’s why we’re best place to help you to boost your online sales and grow your marine business.


  • Chandleries
  • Yacht brokers
  • Yacht charter and holiday companies
  • Fishing trips and charters
  • RYA Training Schools
  • Marine product developers
  • Marinas and destinations
  • Technical clothing companies
  • Online platforms targeting the marine industry

Not on the list? We only work with businesses that we know we can deliver results for. 

If your company falls outside of the list above then please get in touch and we’ll review your business and let you know if we’re able to help with your requirements.

We can help your marine business to form an online digital marketing strategy

Marine is know for being a traditional industry, so moving your business online can be daunting. However, in this day and age it’s essential to be able to market, and sell, your products and services online through a proven and repeatable system.

Think about it – what difference would it make to your business to be able to generate more new customers on demand – and get more of your existing customers to buy from you again? If you can already start visualising the benefits this would bring then you need a Digital Marketing Strategy.

The first step in developing your strategy is with a Fastnet Strategy Day. You’ll spend the day in a one-to-one planning session with Fastnet’s MD, Sarah Leverton. With over 10 years experience of strategy planning and digital marketing, as well being a keen sailor and qualified RYA instructor, Sarah is well placed to work with marine business to build a marketing strategy that works for you.

Sarah will walk you through the process step-by-step. After the session you will get a comprehensive report, breaking down your strategy into a simple-to-implement plan of action.

If you choose to work with us on a monthly basis then we will then use this strategy as a basis for our work. We’ll review your strategy with you on a quarterly basis, track your progress and make adjustments where required.

Find new customers and automate your business with a marine website

An effective, user friendly website is one of the best tools you can have when it comes to improving your marine marketing.

Our marine-focussed websites don’t just help you to reach new customers, they also enable you to secure online sales, and automate repeatable processes such as completing online contracts or customer checklists.

We have a range of custom-built solutions that we’ve specifically developed for the sector, including yacht charter websites, yacht broker websites, marina websites, online training websites and marine e-commerce websites. To see these sites in action, just speak to a member of our team who would be happy to help.

But one of the most important aspects of our website development services is that we take away the hassle. We take ownership of every aspect of your website build, from imagery to copy, setting up the right processes and training your team on how to make the most of your new website.

Trust Fastnet to deliver a website that becomes the cornerstone of your business – after all, if your website isn’t the hardest working and most profitable member of your team, then something’s not right.

Drive new customers to your marine business with our innovative sales funnels

If you can’t generate more sales on demand, then you need a sales funnel.

The concept of a sales funnel is simple, and it only needs to achieve two things to make a massive difference to your business. It needs to generate a steady stream of new customers, and it needs to encourage existing customers to buy from you again (and promote your business to others). It’s a pretty simple concept.

Executing it, however, can be a little more complex. Some businesses waste hundreds, if not thousands, on advertising and promotion for very little effect. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our sales funnels use the power of the internet to find customers that match a specific customer persona (ie. your perfect customer). We then use a mixture of paid and organic content to drive those people to your website and ensure that you’re established as the authority in your sector.

Through clever systems we can keep displaying content to those website visitors who are interested in your products or services, and gently nurture them until they’re ready to buy.

Once they’re committed, we use a range of techniques to entice them back again and again, and to recommend you to others. Check out more information about our Online Sales Funnels here.

Marine Video and Photography

Great video and photography can be one of the best marketing investments you can make. But it’s not always easy to plan when your shoot is taking place out on the water.

Getting boat skippers and your photographer or videographer in one place, on the same day, in the right conditions, can be challenging to say the least.

And then there’s coordination. Your skipper knows how to drive a boat, but not how to position the boat to get the best images. Your photographer or videographer is not used to working out on the water, and the challenges this can present. To top it off, you’re not really sure exactly what images you’ll need, both now and in the future, which means that your team isn’t properly briefed.

This is where we can help. We can coordinate every aspect of your shoot, from boats and equipment to providing a comprehensive brief and shoot list. We can also help to script videos and coordinate shoots in a number of locations, as well as provide the final edit so you get exactly what you need to move your business forwards.

To top it off, we also have access to a range of technical equipment, from 4K drones to 360 degree video cameras, to help your project come to life. Contact us today for more information.

Marketing training and coaching for marine businesses

Sometimes you don’t want your marketing to be ‘done for you’. Instead, you want to gain the knowledge required to manage your own marketing in-house.

Fastnet’s founder and MD Sarah provides a range of one-to-one coaching and training opportunities to those looking to expand their marketing knowledge. So whether you’re a business owner looking to get to grips with marketing, or a marketing manager wanting to expand your technical knowledge-base, Sarah is here to help.

Topics Sarah covers include:

– Customer journeys and developing your sales funnel

– Marketing strategy development

– Facebook advertising + PPC

– SEO and digital marketing


Judith Ball
Marketing Manager
Mylor Yacht Harbour

Don Garman
Vice Chair
Falmouth Classics Association

Cyprian Heckstall
Bowman Yacht Charters



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