Don’t let potential buyers slip through the cracks.
TURN your website into a super-efficient selling machine.

Are you able to grow your ecommerce website sales on autopilot? Do you have a sales funnel that you can ramp up and down to ensure you’re always working to your full capacity?

Our ecommerce sales funnel packages take all of the leg work out of growing your online store. Using our unique four-step system, our team can ensure a steady pipeline of sales from your website, so you can concentrate on what you do best – delivering your product or service.


  • Wanting to grow your business quickly and sustainably
  • Intending to get the possible ROI out of your sales and marketing budget
  • Looking to avoid costly sales teams and in-house marketing managers
  • Aiming to develop a tried-and-tested sales process that will deliver for your business for years to come


Our Sales Funnel packages are a 12 month partnership between yourself and Fastnet. 

During this time we will work with you to establish a sales funnel made up of 4 key stages: Traffic Generation, Conversion, Re-Targetting and Nurturing. By mastering and refining all 4 of these elements, we can ensure a steady stream of sales for your business.

To ensure your funnel is working as productively as possible, we review your results on a weekly basis, and you will be given an online dashboard where you can monitor your progress against your KPIs in real time, whenever you like.

This is not ‘trial and error’ marketing – this is a proven process with guaranteed, measurable results. We guarantee a return on investment within 12 months, otherwise we’ll work for free until this is achieved*.

At the end of the 12 month period you can look to extend your support, or transition our systems so you can manage the process in-house. Remember, once your sales funnel is established, tested and refined this will be a valuable resource to your business for years to come.

We guarantee a ROI within 12 months, otherwise we'll work for free...*

Our 4 Step Sales System

Don't let potential buyers slip through the cracks.
Our 4 Step Sales System automatically converts strangers into customers, turning your website into a super-efficient selling machine.


Traffic Generation

We send a steady stream of interested potential customers to your website, by using both paid and organic methods of attraction



We optimise your site’s user experience and information delivery, turning more visitors into paying customers



Those that don’t buy will be retargetted by highly effective adverts that follow them around the internet 



Potential buyers and existing customers will be gently nurtured using our automatic system, encouraging them to buy more

But First We...


This is the process of identifying a pool of potential customers, with clear and defined demographics, who are an ideal fit for your product.

Different types or demographics of people may want to buy your product for different reasons, or may expect different results. It’s important that we clearly understand the needs of each of your main customer types, so we can talk directly to them through your marketing. 

We break down each type of customer into a ‘customer persona’. The most customer personas you have, the the more granular your approach and, generally, the better your marketing results. 


Keyword research is the process of finding out what your customers are searching for, how your competitors are ranking for these key terms and  where the opportunities lie for being found for these terms.

We research both ‘short-tail’ and ‘long-tail’ key word terms to give you a competitive advantage. Put simply, being found for the term ‘yacht broker’, for example, is highly competitive and difficult to achieve in a short period of time. This is known as a ‘short-tail’ key word. It may be that there are 100 searches for this term per month.

However, being ranked for ‘boats for sale Falmouth’ is less competitive and therefore quicker and easier to achieve. If we applied this term to all ports along the South Coast, the traffic potential could be higher than for that of the short tail phrase.


Traffic Generation is a system for consistently driving more traffic to your website. This is done by utilising a number of both organic and paid channels simultaneously:

  • Organic social media
  • Organic Google results (driven by online blog content)
  • Organic You Tube Videos
  • Social media advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Google Ads
  • You Tube Ads
  • Google Shopping sponsored posts(where appropriate)

The number of channels utilised and the frequency or amount of content pushed out will depend on your level of support. The more traffic your website receives, the more potential customers there are to sell to.


Conversion is the science behind getting people to either buy or commit in some way to your product or brand, through your website. Our aim here is either to get your site visitor to buy direct from your site, or to provide their contact details so that you can send them more information about your product or service. 

In either scenario, your website needs to convince the user that you can solve their problem, instil trust that you are a legitimate company and provide a slick user experience which ensures that there are no barriers to prevent them from taking action. It also need to provide clear calls to action, so that your customer knows the next steps to take.

We ensure your website follows our Conversion Guidelines, and then closely monitor user behaviour and make iterative improvements to ensure the best possible results.


Having invested both time and money in driving more traffic to your website, we want to ensure that as many of those visitors convert as possible.

For those visitors that don’t immediately commit to buy or provide their contact details, we want to ensure that they don’t forget your brand or your offering. We therefore re-target those visitors by displaying customised adverts to them, tailored to their interests across the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Display Ads
  • Linked In
  • You Tube


Turning stranger into customers can be a lengthy and expensive process. We therefore want to ensure that we maximise that return on investment by getting them to buy as much as possible from us, and by getting them to recommend us to others.

Our fourth step focusses on nurturing your customers over time, so that they remain loyal to your brand. Our aim is to transform those customers into promoters.

We do this through:

  • Automating feedback or review systems
  • Sending regular newsletters
  • Giving exclusive special offers or deals to existing customers only
  • Developing a loyalty scheme
  • Developing a reward system for when they recommend others


Regular Strategy & Planning Sessions

Having a plan is essential, but businesses evolve and situations change. We regularly review your sales funnel with you, and adapt it to suit the changing needs of your business

Real-Time KPI Dashboard

Want to know how much you've spend on ads this week, or how many visitors have been to your site this month? How about reviewing your sales figures for the last 24 hours? All of this is available, in real time, in our secure dashboards

Weekly Catch-Ups by phone, video or email

The Fastnet team are always here for you - but having a regular catch-up slot ensures that everyone stays on track and can be the most efficient use of your time. You'll have a regular slot with the Fastnet technical team to to review that week's progress

Hubspot CRM & Marketing Software

As Certified Hubspot Partners we will set up and manage a Hubspot account where you can keep track of your customer requests, manage communications and track progress. We will recommend a Hubspot plan that best suits your needs


Judith Ball
Marketing Manager
Mylor Yacht Harbour

Don Garman
Vice Chair
Falmouth Classics Association

Cyprian Heckstall
Bowman Yacht Charters



Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call, where we find out more about your business' requirements. If you're a good fit then you'll have the option of booking a Strategy Day (but we promise there's no pressure to commit).


We recommend all Sales Generation Plans kick off with a Strategy Day. This allows us to get to know you, learn more about your business and build a comprehensive plan for the future which we can all work towards


Once we've agreed your strategy and worked out the terms of your Sales Generation Plan, we'll agree a start date. Our complete on-boarding process takes around 3 weeks, and ensure both us and you are able to maximise our working partnership

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